Molecular Evolution and Phylogenomics · Dept of Biology · Wake Forest University

Our research focuses on investigating genome-wide patterns of molecular evolution and complex evolutionary processes that underlie speciation, introgression, and adaptation.

Phylogenomics: We are currently developing new models to dissect forces of introgression, duplication, and incomplete lineage sorting.
Software and Visualizations: The lab is innovating new tools to analyze and visualize phylogenomic datasets.
Complex phylogenies: We are developing new methods and approaches to reveal events in the complex evolution histories of species radiation.
Andean-Amazonian Trees: We are involved in efforts to model adaptation among plant species groups that span the Andean-Amazonian transition zone.
Plant Genomics: We are continuing to increase the number of available plant genomes, starting with North Carolina native plants like these Magnolia trees on the WFU campus.
Interested in joining the lab?

The lab is currently recruiting at all levels (undergrad, MS, PhD, and Postdoc). Interested researchers should email directly with a brief description of your research interests (1-2 paragraphs) and a current CV/résumé.