Pease Lab
Molecular Evolution and Phylogenomics · Dept of Biology · Wake Forest University

James Pease

James Pease

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Wake Forest University
Box 7325 Reynolda Station
Winston-Salem, NC 27109


Undergraduate Researchers

Rebecca Epling
Rebecca Epling (WFU'18)
B.A. Interdisciplinary
Makenzie Whitener
Makenzie Whitener (WFU'18)
B.S. Computer Science
B.A. Biology
Chloe Borden
Chloe Borden (WFU'19)

Morgyn Hill
Morgyn Hill (WFU'19)

Katherine Juarez
Katherine Juarez (WFU'19)
B.S. Computer Science
Nolan Hamilton
Nolan Hamilton (WFU'20)
Dylan King
Dylan King (WFU'20)

Interested in joining the lab?

The lab is currently recruiting at all levels (undergrad, MS, PhD, and Postdoc). Interested researchers should email directly with a brief description of your research interests (1-2 paragraphs) and a current CV/résumé.